Your Face is Not a Science Lab

I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess that the majority of you guys reading this aren’t chemists or scientists. Recently,...More

Simple, Must-Have Skin Care for Holiday Travel

If you’re one of the estimated 45 million traveling by air this holiday season, you’re probably making a mental list of everything you nee...More

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Upholding true “guy fashion,” I really haven’t done much holiday gift buying at all. Part of the problem is coming up with what to g...More

The Secret Summer Skin Smoother You’ve Probably Never Considered

The dog days of summer are here. Heat? Check. Humidity? Yes. Sweat? Don’t remind me. Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with an ...More

Does Travel Wreak Havoc on the Skin?

Have you ever gotten off a plane feeling like you just ate an entire salt lick even though you drank six mini cups of water on the flight and guzzled ...More

Skin Care Tips for the Well-Traveled Man

Whether the new year has you resolving to travel more or your job has you in flight more often than at the office, living a jet-set lifestyle has its ...More

Fear of Wrinkles? Here’s What You Need to Know

Let’s face it – none of us are getting any younger, and my, how times of changed. Age used to be a sign of wisdom. It often meant you were...More

Minerals That Work Magic on the Skin

We live in a toxic world. Whether it’s city smog, secondhand smoke, the occasional visit to the fast-food drive through, or simply not getting e...More

How to Care for Your Skin (and Scruff) Like Liam Hemsworth

While it may be a little early to forecast an Oscar, I’m pretty confident he’ll be in the running for at least one award. Yes, you heard i...More

Turn Back The Clock For Dad This Father’s Day

Where did this year go? We’re already half way through it, which means Dad’s Day is just around the corner. This has traditionally been on...More
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