Your Face is Not a Science Lab

I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess that the majority of you guys reading this aren’t chemists or scientists. Recently,...More

Guardians of the Complexion: The secret ingredient to Star-Lord worthy skin

Fighting space monsters and protecting an entire galactic universe is all in a day’s work for Peter Quill. And yet, he still manages to maintain...More

Does Travel Wreak Havoc on the Skin?

Have you ever gotten off a plane feeling like you just ate an entire salt lick even though you drank six mini cups of water on the flight and guzzled ...More

Minerals That Work Magic on the Skin

We live in a toxic world. Whether it’s city smog, secondhand smoke, the occasional visit to the fast-food drive through, or simply not getting e...More

How to Build a Skin Care Routine Fit for Iron Man

All of you Avenger fanatics out there are likely chomping at the bit to see the epic battle scene between 12 of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes...More

Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

When it comes to general nutrition advice and tips for skincare, it can often seem like all you find are lectures that spout off plentiful things you&...More

Totarol: Your Skin’s Natural Champion

When it comes to skin care, there are the recognizable ingredients most of us have heard of…Shea butter? Yes, heard of it. Eucalyptus? Sure, ri...More

Earth’s Essential Skin Care Elements

Remember the periodic table? That fun chart of boxes containing more than 100 chemical elements you were likely forced to memorize in grade school. It...More

The Coolest Ingredient In Skin Care

At some point, you’ve likely heard of menthol. It’s that cool, minty flavor that typically delivers an invigorating sensation. It’s ...More

What Acid Regulates the Water in our Skin?

There are a number of acids that are actually good for our skin, most of which exfoliate (get rid of dead cells and stimulate cell renewal), but there...More
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