The Long-Standing Art of the Wet Shave

Though it’s making a comeback in some circles, the time-honored tradition of the wet shave disappeared with the invention of the electric razor and our fast-paced lifestyles. The art and ritual was replaced by an inadequate, single-product regimen that has altered the view of an entire generation ––shaving is thought to be a mundane and painful chore.

The morning shave can, and should, give you the same sensations you get when being tailored for a suit or enjoying a vintage bottle of wine. It can be high craft and delightful. And it needn’t be an involved process. In fact, when done correctly, the REDMethod shave technique can actually prolong the time between shaves. And it’s our goal to reinvigorate this most regal of traditions and make you love it again!

Memories for a lifetime passed down from father to son…

“Thank you for such an amazing experience I had recently with my son. Due to the information on your website, I was able to use great products as well as have instructions on proper shaving methods to teach and pass down to my 14 year of son...”

- Andy Resener

More than just a shave experience, REDMethod Shave System is a clinically developed skincare line that keeps skin healthy and touchably smooth.

  • Decreases inflammation and irritation
  • Boosts UV defense
  • Restores the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Provides antibacterial support
  • Boosts razor slip
  • Provides essential skin nutrition and hydration
  • Leaves skin smooth and moisturized

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