The Shave Experience

Start with the most important skin care step – cleansing. Work in for several minutes, with steam if possible. Applying luke warm water will soften the skin and expand the pores, setting the stage for a more comfortable shave (the shower provides the perfect setup). Try using REDMethod’s Blue Agave or Zeo, depending on skin type. Rinse with warm water and pat with a towel, leaving stubble slightly damp.

A good shave oil will soften the beard and ready the skin for the razor, helping to lift the hair for a smooth shave. Prepping before the shave will add an extra layer of protection to the skin and help prevent nicks and razor burns.

Pre + Post Oil is specifically formulated to decrease inflammation and irritation in addition to boosting UV defense and restoring the skin’s moisture barrier. With important oils like grapeseed, orange, hemlock and clove (which are rich in essential fatty acids), our Pre + Post Oil provides the skin with vital nourishment while infusing it with antibacterial support and soothing comfort.

Take the time to invest in a good DE razor and badger hair brush to enhance the shave experience. Prepare your razor blade by heating it in hot water (hot steel cuts more efficiently than cold steel). Place a small amount of Aloe Gel into a shave cup and whip into a light foam with a slightly damp badger brush.

Brush onto bearded area. A good place to start is with the sideburns. Be sure to shave with the direction of the beard grain in short strokes. Going against the grain will result in razor bumping. Work systematically, one section at a time, instead of jumping from side to side. Remember to rinse your razor between strokes with hot water. Leave the lip and chin area for last as this allows the hair to soften longer.

Aloe Gel works by lifting the whiskers for a close shave, protecting the skin from razor burn. The aloe vera and glycerin-base in gel leaves skin smooth and moisturized while naturally derived esters replace antiquated and environmentally unfriendly silicones and alcohol-based aerosols to boost razor slip, providing a friction-free shave without using skin-irritating chemicals.

For an even closer shave, re-apply Aloe Gel. Hold the skin firm with other hand and shave across (not the opposite direction) the grain, forming a crisscross pattern. Again, never shave against the grain. Remember, it is always a good idea to give your skin a rest from shaving once or twice a week.

Rinse with cold water and pat skin dry. This will help force the blood supply away from the skin’s surface.

To calm the skin and infuse it with firming peptides and essential hydration, saturate a cotton pad with Stone Power Toner or ReZoneToner, depending on skin type. Smooth into face and neck with medium pressure. Using cotton pads will help the skin derive more benefits from your toner, allowing it to work more deeply into pores. Let it absorb and remain on skin.

NOTE: If your skin is more prone to ingrown hairs, we recommend using ReZone.

To complete the shave experience, use REDMethod Pre + Post Oil for antioxidant support and to lock in hydration for baby smooth skin. If you’re heading outdoors, mix in with EnviroProtect for UV and environmental protection.