Rosacea & Sensitive Skin

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Today, dermatologists are reporting an increase in the number of men who are seeking diagnosis and treatment for sensitive skin. Not only is men’s skin thicker than a woman’s, but it is also more sensitive as well. This can manifest as redness, burning, itching, or dryness. Sensitive skin can affect all parts of the body, but facial skin gets the most exposure to the elements, skin products, and razor blades. Excessively dry skin, which does not adequately protect nerve endings on the skin, may also lead to skin reactions from skin care products.

Sensitive Skin vs. Rosacea Skin

Unlike sensitive skin, Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that may also cause sensitive skin. Other symptoms could include facial redness, burning, stinging, swelling, papules, visible red capillary veins, or a bulbous nose. Men and women of all ages can be affected by rosacea with over 45 million estimated sufferers worldwide.

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