According to GQ, “real men get facials!” For very good reasons - they make a difference in skin appearance, for a healthy, younger-look, and reduce your stress level from day to day challenges. Professional skin treatments are beneficial no matter gender – they provide deep-cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells, and removal of impacted pores and skin lesions. Treatments may vary depending on your time, skin type, and skin conditions. An inexpensive alternative to other, more invasive treatments; skin treatments are the perfect way to renew your skin with marked improvements in tone, balance, wrinkles, photo-aging, and get a little R & R.

Sake Peel
Using a powerful blend of sake rice wine and skin regenerating acids, the Sake Peel is an ideal treatment for men who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, improve photo-aged skin, and fight free radical damage. This gentle, yet potent treatment will refine skin and stimulate cell renewal for a youthful, manly appearance. New, healthy skin and back to the gym in seven days with noticeable improvements to your skin.

Gentleman's Facial
Not ready for a peel, but still want results? Indulge yourself with the Gentleman’s Facial, a soothing yet corrective professional treatment that will take skin to a whole new level as detoxifying clays and cacti extracts provide balance and tone. Relax under heating and cooling applications while the sensation of Massage Oil, with its blend of essential oils and vital antioxidants, moves over the skin like liquid silk, facilitating the penetration of other active ingredients for healthy, hydrated skin.

The Express
Are you a busy man-on-the-go? Just need a quick pick-me-up? Take a moment to arouse the skin with less time than it takes to grab lunch. The Express will give skin a polished look and feel while the warm, tingling sensations of P2 Enzyme help fight the aging process, carrying away waste products that cause skin to look dull and unhealthy. Notice an immediate difference as this quick, refreshing facial leaves skin smooth, hydrated, and vibrant for weeks.