3 Skincare Tricks to Learn from Field Hockey

3 Skincare Tricks to Learn from Field Hockey

Apparently the field hockey competition of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has a lot of people curious about the turf. More specifically, they’re curious about why it has water on it. Well, that got us wondering too, and upon discovering the answer, we couldn’t help but think just how similar field hockey turf (or the pitch) is to our skin.

Historically, field hockey was played on natural turf (aka grass), but in the 1970s the game transitioned to artificial pitches. The move helped even the playing field so to speak. The water is specific to the water-based artificial pitches (there are also sand-filled and sand-dressed pitches) and it helps protects the turf from wear and tear, increase the speed at which the game can be played, and reduce friction, making it safer for the players – and makes for less painful wipeouts.

Like the water-based turf, proper hydration also protects our skin, reduces friction (primarily during shaving), and while it may not increase the speed, it certainly makes for an easier shave.

So how do you keep the skin hydrated, particularly during those heavy shaving phases? Here are three easy ways:

  1. Start with a clean surface – cleansing before shaving with warm water and a salicylic and lactic acid cleanser will clear away oil and debris, and softens the beard or mustache hair making for an easier shave. A great time to do this is in the shower – the steam helps soften the skin and open pores, and it’s just a great time saver.
  2. Opt for gel over soap – a glycerin-based gel will keep the skin more hydrated and allow the razor to glide more easily. It also reduces tugging of the hair, over shaving and drying, which is common with soaps and foams. You might also use a post-shave oil with antioxidants to rehydrate.
  3. Tone up and protect – finishing up a shave with a skin-building toner helps reduce razor burn, breakouts and ingrown hairs, but it also regulates oil on the skin and provides hydration. This last step is absolutely imperative, use a daytime protection formula that uses a mineral blocker like zinc to protect against toxins, pollutants and most importantly the sun’s damaging rays. You don’t think they leave that Olympic pitch exposed to the elements when not in use do you? Keep your skin just as pristine by protecting it.

So there you have it ––hydration in three easy steps and a lesson in field hockey pitch maintenance. Enjoy the summer games and happy shaving.