• Tapping into a Strong Male Market

    Are you missing a very important sector of your market? You may be putting all of your resources into women’s skin care and missing the ever expanding male market, you may be overlooking a very powerful segment for potential new clients. The men’s personal-care market currently measures at $2.1 billion and by 2012 that figure is expected to reach $2.8 billion according to Nielsen. While this is a global trend, the U.S. is rapidly emerging as one of the largest markets for men’s care. Even if you don’t have a steady stream of male clientele, remember that women have a strong influence on a man’s skin care routine. The women in your aesthetic chair are also wives, girlfriends, sisters and moms, and you can bet they suggest skin care products to the men in their lives. The male appeal

  • Bye Bye Foam - Hello Gel

    Ask any man what his top daily annoyances are, and shaving will undoubtedly be near the top of the list. It’s not so much the process or time it takes, but the sheer discomfort it often causes. Many men battle with razor burn, dry, sensitive skin, and ingrown hairs on a regular basis.

  • Wash Up After the Gym to Prevent Acne

    Have you ever noticed the more you sweat, the more you seem to breakout? This seems especially true if you don’t shower immediately after hitting the gym. Well it happens for a reason.

  • Gym to Work: Quick and Dirty Tips for Cleaning Up

    Tis' the season to start hitting the gym a little harder, and for many of us this means fitting workouts in before work or during a lunch break. While it's a great way to get energized and focused for the day, it can wreak havoc on the skin. I’m talking breakouts, build-up, excess oil... not too appealing. Besides... we don't need the world knowing we just came from the gym.

  • Workout Or Gym Sweat Causing Breakouts?

    I have been there, sitting in front of the mirror looking at my skin wondering "am I back in junior high?" A simple breakout can really take you back to those days of wondering what was going to happen next to the body. Really? Do we need to go back there? I say no. I have spent all my life active. The minute organized school sports ended I joined a gym and have never looked back. From basketball to Ultramarthons Ive done more than my fair share of sweating. Probably more than most ever will. Through my experiences, trials and error I have had to deal with skin issues that are caused from workouts. I would like to share one simple step that goes a LONG way to fight breakouts.

  • RA for Men: Shaving Time Off the Routine

    If you're not a beard wearer chances are shaving is part of the daily routine. Not fun, but it's something we must do. Being the simple creatures we are if we can figure out a way to simplify a task, we usually will. Short of actually doing the shaving for you, the REDMethod Shaving Gel helps "shave" time off the routine, or at least make it tolerable.

  • Gimme Five!

    Five Minutes a Day is all You Need to Protect Your Face

  • Your Body is Healthy, But What About Your Skin

    Did you know June is Men’s Health Month? The goal is to get us to be more aware of and avoid preventable health problems through early detection and treatment. Many of us understand the basics of living a healthy lifestyle – eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, getting quality sleep, and enjoying indulgences in moderation.

  • What Women Notice

    I think it’s safe to say most women notice when a man takes good care of his skin. Whether it’s a clean shave, smooth skin, zapping bouts of acne (this doesn’t always go away with the teen years), or soft lips women notice these details.

  • REDMethod Supports Men Making a Difference at One Man Dallas

    Did you know women currently volunteer at a rate of five times that of men, and make up a majority of the staff of our nation’s nonprofit organizations? Not to be discouraged, there are plenty of men out there working to make a difference.

  • The Man Guide to Lip Protection

    Ever lean in for a kiss only to find a cheek? Ever notice your co-workers paying more attention to your cracked lips, rather than your words? You simply can’t hide from lip issues. Dry, chapped lips and cold sores are not only distracting and painful, they can make us feel self-conscious at times.

  • 5 Things You May Not Know About Sun Protection

    Men tend to have a love/hate relationship with the sun – they love to bask in it, they hate to be bugged about it. Well it turns out your mom (and the medical and scientific communities) were on to something all these years. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays have been proven to cause deep wrinkles, pre-mature aging and even that nasty form of skin cancer called melanoma, which quite frankly, can be deadly if ignored. It’s a high price to pay for those bronzed biceps and pecs.

  • Too Much Time in the Sun?

    Tis’ the season for sun, water sports and relaxing poolside. And chances are many of you may be trying to soak up every last minute of summer before getting into the full swing of things again. This time of year nothing beats some good fun in the sun, but of course the after effects of too many rays can be far from pleasant.

  • How does Zinc Oxide protect skin?

    A couple months ago the FDA announced another round of regulations on sunscreens in an effort to up the ante on how well they perform and make it easier for us to determine which ones actually work. Many argue the new system is more confusing, and to be honest, who really has the time to keep up with all these changes?

  • Kombucha: More Than Just a Healthy Drink

    For centuries many cultures around the world have been drinking kombucha, an effervescent tea-based drink, for its healthful and medicinal qualities. Recently it has made a surge in popularity in the U.S. and it’s likely you can’t walk into your nearest health food store without seeing rows of the vitamin-rich beverage.

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