Avoid the Halloween Aftermath - Nail Your Costume Without Haunting Your Skin

Avoid the Halloween Aftermath - Nail Your Costume Without Haunting Your Skin

Who doesn’t love this time of year? Pumpkin spice-flavored everything is everywhere (literally everywhere), the air is crisp, all the great shows are kicking off new seasons, and best of all, we’re about to the get the chance to escape the routine and be someone or something else for a night. Before you dive full-bore into the face paint, fake mustaches, wigs, and silicon masks take a few minutes to consider how you’ll prep your skin –– and how you’ll undo it all when the party’s over.

To beard or not to beard? If Aquaman, Luke Cage or any of the whiskered crew are under consideration for your guise this year, you’ll want to make sure you’ve curated your own bristles accordingly. We’ve covered the beard basics heavily so hopefully you’ve already got a solid cleanse, tone, protect routine going on. Make sure you clean up the edges if you’re going for manicured look. Even if it’s Gandalf you’re channeling, shave oil is still a good idea to keep the skin beneath hydrated during this more dry, cool season.

If you’re sporting a full face of hair and are going to remove it for your fresh-faced Baby Driver look (brave but here’s betting you’ll be the one no one recognizes right away!), make sure you give yourself a few days to do it right. When your face hasn’t been clean-shaven in months, the skin may become easily irritated or suffer a few breakouts. It’s best to test that bare look a day or two in advance, give your skin a gentle exfoliationand hydrating support, then dive into another clean shave the day of the party. Remember the rules of classic shaving 101!

Makeup doesn’t last forever It doesn’t last forever, but it also doesn’t completely come off on its own either. The makeup must come off at the end of the night. If you’re opting for a full face of paint, make every effort to cleanse before hitting the pillow at night. “But,” you say, “There are parties to get to. I’ll be too tired.” Well then, at the very least get your hands on some cleansing pads to carry you until the morning when you can give the skin a more proper cleaning.

Some Halloween makeup can be pretty tough to remove. So it may take a couple of rinses and repeats. Use the first cleanse to dissolve the makeup gently without depleting your skin. Work it in with your fingertips for a couple of minutes, then wipe with a wash cloth. If the cloth wipes clean, you might be in the clear. If not, go in for a round two using a purifying cleanser to clear the pores and a toner to help tackle any leftover residue. Whatever you do, don’t think you can just scrub it off with soap and elbow grease.

If you choose to mask it… So maybe your idea of getting dressed up is to simply cover your mug with a rubberized rendering of a dead president. Keep in mind, those silicon masks and polyester skin suits trap sweat and impurities, and can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. So you’re not off the hook for getting a good cleanse in before calling it a night.

Halloween is a great time to break out of your shell, explore your creativity, and discover a new identity. Just make sure your temporary alter-ego doesn’t haunt your complexion for days after.