Can Sake Make the Skin Look Younger?

Can Sake Make the Skin Look Younger?

Most of us likely associate sakè with sushi, bombers and a good night out with friends…unless of course you overdo it on the rice wine beverage. But, aside from being an integral component of a sakè bomber, it actually has many benefits for the skin and body.

Sakè contains 18 different amino acids – the building blocks of protein – which are produced during the brewing process. Amino acids are critical to life, yet the body can only product ten of the 20. The rest we have to draw from outside sources. Enter sakè…

What It Is

Sakè is known as rice wine though it is actually made through a brewing process. While its origins remain unclear, its recorded history dates back to 3rd century Japan. The rice used for brewing sakè is called shuzo kotekimai (sakè rice). It has a larger, stronger grain, and is only used for making sakè, because it is unpalatable. Today, there are at least 80 types of sakè rice in Japan.

A naturally derived antioxidant, sakè yields low-molecular proteins (peptides) that help protect the hair and skin. It also has other beneficial organic compounds including phosphoserine, ferulic acid, cysteine and cystine – two vital proteins.

How It Works

It was discovered some time ago that people who work with sakè on a regular basis typically have smoother, more youthful skin. Researchers began looking into this phenomenon and discovered that certain enzymes in sakè have a moisturizing effect. Rice extract also promotes the production of ceramides, a family of lipid molecules found in cell membranes that help smooth lines and increase hydration.

Sakè also works particularly well with men’s skin, which is more sensitive than that of our female counterparts. Go figure. The rice ferment can be found in skin care products ranging from serums to toners and even skin peels (used by aestheticians). It works to regenerate skin cells, detoxify the skin, soothe irritations, and deliver a supply of antioxidants. Yes, it is one miraculous beverage.

But, while I wouldn’t go around splashing sakè shots in your friends’ faces (all in the name of good looking skin of course), be sure to look for it in skin care products. Your skin will thank you.

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