Countdown to Christmas: Top Skin Care Gifts for Men

Countdown to Christmas: Top Skin Care Gifts for Men

There’s no shortage of gift guides out there, but if you still haven’t found that “perfect” gift – why not give the gift of great skin?

There are some great options out there when it comes to men’s skin care and grooming – and who doesn’t want to look healthier and maintain a dapper appearance?

For the Bearded Man

Everyone knows at least one man with a beard – whether it’s grizzly or meticulously groomed. No matter the style, it requires tools to maintain it and keep the skin underneath healthy and itch free.

  • Shave oil – shave oil (or beard oil) keeps the beard hair soft and smooth looking. It also helps keep the skin underneath hydrated. The RA for Men Shave Oil is an antioxidant serum and is not just for shaving as the name may imply. It supports healthy skin and keeps beard hair smooth.
  • A badger brush – guys with beards still have to shave. A badger brush helps create a thicker lather to prevent razor skipping or dragging, provides some exfoliation and makes for an all around easier shave.
  • Gift certificate for a professional shave – professional shaves are all the rage and it’s no wonder why – they feel amazing. There’s something nostalgic about sitting back in a chair for a clean shave with a straight razor and a hot towel.

For the Sports Junky

Whether they’re a gym rat, an outdoor extremist, a Crossfitter or runner, active guys need skin care to match. Yes, skin also needs a workout.

  • RA for Men 1-2-3 (Stone Power) – this is a simple skincare kit, but hits all the vital elements necessary for a skin workout: cleanse (Blue Agave Wash), build (Stone Power), and protect (EnviroProtect).
  • EnviroProtect – everyone needs protection, especially the outdoor extremist. EnviroProtect will help protect skin from the environmental assaults that age the skin – pollutants, sun and toxins.

The Fashionable

These dapper gents may seem to have everything, but a good arsenal of skin care may be the one thing they’re missing.

  • A complete skin care kit – get them everything they need for great skin in one set. Look for kits with a cleanser, a corrective, a firming and skin-strengthening serum, and an eye serum. We of course like the RA for Men Ultimate Method kit, whichas the name implies, this is the ultimate regimen to give skin a healthier, more youthful, refined look.
  • Gift certificate to a salon or men – there are several throughout the country and they’re dedicated specifically to men (think men’s club meets old fashioned parlor). They offer shaves, express facials and more intensive treatments.

For Teens

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, and many in their teenage years battle some of the most challenging skin issues (namely acne).

  • Cntrl.Halt. Del. – teens can use these throughout the day to quickly clean up excess oil and help prevent acne.
  • Teen System – this is fast 5-minute system, but it packs a punch. It includes everything teens need for healthy skin – cleanser, cleansing pads and protection.


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