Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

When it comes to general nutrition advice and tips for skincare, it can often seem like all you find are lectures that spout off plentiful things you shouldn’t do. This type of help can be deflating, and leave you wondering what on earth you should do to achieve the results you want. What will actually steer you closer toward optimal skin (and body) health?

There has been a lot of research and speculation over the years about how drastically your diet can alter your complexion. Some have argued it has no effect, while others say its effect is dominant. The truth is that your body works as a whole being. Every cell and organ is interconnected in some way, so when you seek whole body health, your skin will also reap the benefits.

Are your cheeseburger indulgences solely responsible for those new breakouts? Or does having a clear face mean having to munch on nothing but celery, day in and day out? No. But the nutrients you’re getting (and not getting) do play a role in the overall health of your cells and organs – like your largest organ, the skin. So here are three nutrient categories to seek out in order to put your best face forward.


All hail almighty vitamins. Your mom was right – making vitamins a regular part of your diet is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. But supplements were never intended to give you all the nutrients you need. In fact, obtaining vital nutrients by way of the foods in which they naturally occur is the most optimal way for your body to process, absorb and ultimately use them.

So what vitamins give your skin the best boost? Just remember ACE. If you regularly incorporate foods rich in Vitamins A, C and E, you will go a long way in nourishing your body from the inside out. Vitamin A is found in foods like carrots, kale, pumpkin, cantaloupe and even liver. Most people think of vitamin C as being central in citrus fruits, which is accurate, but this important vitamin is also present in broccoli, brussel sprouts and guava. And to get what you need in terms of vitamin E, look for olive oil, walnut oil, oats and tomatoes.


Polyphenols are micronutrients abundant in a wide variety of foods we consume. They’re especially important because research continues to point to the idea that their presence in our diets can help protect against many health problems, diseases and problems associated with aging.

To get enough polyphenols, reach for berries or a pomegranate the next time you need a pick-me-up. Walnuts and peanuts are also good sources, so consider incorporating some trail mixes into your snack rotation (but make your own, so you don’t end up with an unhealthy, pre-packaged variety). Prefer to drink your polyphenols? Many teas contain these nutrients too.


Bioflavonoids have gotten a bit of buzz because of their health benefits. And, let’s be honest, the fact that they’re present in dark chocolate and red wine makes them pretty palatable. But beyond this, bioflavonoids are a real powerhouse for your overall health. These nutrients are considered to be super antioxidants that can protect you from many health conditions and other problems.

Citrus fruits, berries and onions all pack a good deal of bioflavonoids. If you’re a little more adventurous, give sea buckthorn a try. And if not, good old red wine and dark chocolate (in reasonable quantities) can give you a solid dose.

As you’ll notice, the majority of the ideal sources of nutrients that we’ve covered are found in the produce section. When making decisions about how to further your full-body wellbeing (and the health and appearance of your skin), seek foods in their most natural state. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and select grains win the nutrient competition almost every time, so do what you can to work these important foods into your daily diet.

Looking for further ways to improve your skin? Aim for low glycemic ingredients, and those that don’t contain dairy. This way, you’ll keep your blood sugar stable, limit inflammation and nurture the health of your whole self. Your skin will have no choice but to follow suit. And of course, seek skin care products that contain these healthy ingredients.