Gimme Five!

Gimme Five!

Five Minutes a Day is all You Need to Protect Your Face

Taking care of your face, on a daily basis, is a reality for anyone who does not want to look years older than their true age. Skin care is not a “women’s-only” club with secret rituals to which men are not admitted. Thorough cleaning and skin protection is a universal fountain of youth. Men also need to maintain and protect their face in order to improve our feeling of wellness, our perception in the workplace and the social scene, and to minimize the likelihood of skin cancer and other unwelcomed side effects. We spend a lot of time outdoors and whether you’re golfing, running, coaching/watching your kids’ activities or skiing this Spring Break, your face is continually bombarded by the damaging effects of the sun, wind and pollution.

To keep your face looking and feeling its best, and to protect it against the harsh elements, I recommend a simple routine that every man can follow in five minutes twice per day and without sacrificing your masculinity.

  1. Cleanse – Wash your face each morning and night with a quality cleanser, not a bar of soap, and with lukewarm water. Avoid washing with cold or hot water, as both can cause broken capillaries. For those die-hard soap users, if you must use soap, stay away from the over-the-counter drugstore variety, as they are harsh on your face and will do more damage by stripping minerals and natural oils that your skin needs. I recommend the Blue Agave Wash.

  2. Moisturize – After washing, apply a thin layer of quality moisturizer. The moisturizer will soften and hydrate your skin, and help maintain its elasticity while minimizing dryness, blotching and wrinkles. I recommend the Stone Power.

  3. Sun Protection – Daily use of sun protection is the most important, and most overlooked, component of maintaining and protecting your skin. Sun damage is the leading cause of wrinkles, in addition to causing melanoma and broken capillaries. Sun block should be applied every morning regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy (look for a moisturizer with UV protection of at least 15 to apply as your morning moisturize). I recommend the EnviroProtect.

If you’re adventurous and willing to invest an extra few minutes once a week to get the best looking skin possible, you should exfoliate. Exfoliation will gently remove the dead skin cells and leave your skin smooth and visibly brighter, as dead skin cells dull your complexion.

We all know that exercising and eating right go a long way to a healthier lifestyle. Add two five-minute skin care routines to your daily regimen and your face will look and feel young.