Hematite – The Skin’s Version of Pumping Iron

Hematite – The Skin’s Version of Pumping Iron

When we want to tone up our muscles, strengthen our bodies and tighten up some areas we’ll call “not-so-firm,” we hit the gym to pump some iron. Our bodies also need iron to function – it carries oxygen throughout the body and helps our muscles store and use the oxygen. If the mineral is this essential to our bodies, what can it do for men’s skin?

Some types of iron extracts can in fact firm and regenerate the skin. Hematite is one of those extracts. Rich in iron, the stone-derived mineral has skin toning and strengthening powers. Who says skin care can’t be manly? Especially when you use things like stone and iron to help your skin look and feel its best!

What It Is

When it comes to achieving healthy, younger looking skin, it’s time we went back to our roots – way back.Hematite is a mineral form of iron oxide whose name is derived from the Greek word for blood because hematite is often red or reddish brown, but can also be found in black or steel. According to legend, it was once believed hematite protected against injury in battle. This powerful stone dates back to ancient Egypt when it was used to remove poisons from the body.

Massive deposits of hematite are typically found in places where standing water or mineral hot springs are present – like those in Yellowstone National Park. It can also result from volcanic activity and has even been spotted on Mars.

How It Works

What does all this mean for our skin? This mineral actually works to stimulate collagen synthesis – the proteins that comprise our connective tissue – to tone and strengthen skin, resulting in a healthy, younger looking complexion. It also helps the skin restore density and regain firmness from the inside out.

While it improves circulatory problems and helps reabsorb bruises and aids in wound healing, hematite’s primary benefit is its regenerating ability. The bottomline is providing your skin with the minerals it needs to help eliminate wrinkles, tighten, and strengthen the skin. If your skin is in need of some tightening or a boost in tone, turn to hematite extracts. Some believe putting the actual stone directly on the skin will do the trick, but the quicker method is to use it in a skin care formula, such as REDMethod’s Mineral Freeze.