How Does Acid Promote Healthy Skin?

How Does Acid Promote Healthy Skin?

Acid and skin can sound somewhat off-putting used in the same sentence…typically we don’t want acid anywhere near our skin. But there are certain types of acids (usually those derived from natural sources) that are actually extremely good for our skin.

One in particular works to keep skin clear, delivers antioxidants, fights bacteria and helps the skin look youthful. What is this wonder acid?

Salicylic acid. And it should be a part of your daily skin care routine.

What It Is

The name salicylic is derived from the Latin word Salix, which literally translates to willow tree – the bark from which this ingredient was originally obtained. It’s also found in wintergreen leaves, licorice, marigold, sweet birch, and several other plant species.

In plants it actually fills a critical role in the growth and development, photosynthesis, and ion uptake and transport. It also works as the plant’s defense against pathogens. If it does all this for plants, think about what it does for the skin.

It was also used throughout history (I’m talking as far back as 5th century BC) to relieve aches, reduce fever, and in some cases to reduce inflammation. In skin care it has been used to treat acne, psoriasis, calluses, and warts.

How It Works

Salicylic acid essentially works as an exfoliant, preventing pores from clogging while stimulating cell renewal. As I mentioned, it also fights bacteria, which it does from within the pore, constricting the pore size to prevent future clogging.

Since it has the ability to penetrate the pore (a benefit of its molecular size) it acts as a chemical trap for free radicals, basically exfoliating from the inside out. This characteristic makes it an awesome exfoliant for acne and acne-prone skin. It’s also a welcome alternative for sensitive skin since it is less irritating than most other acids.

If you’re not using salicylic acid yet, be sure to look for it. It’s typically found in high-quality cleansers and cleansing pads.

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