How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Ask any man what his top daily annoyances are and for most, shaving will undoubtedly be somewhere on that list. It’s not so much the process or time it takes, but the sheer discomfort it often causes. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s nothing like a clean shave (especially when someone else does it for you), but then there are those times when we have to contend with razor burn, dry skin, and ingrown hairs.

Reportedly, the average male will shave at least 20,000 times in his lifetime. That’s a lot of work, not to mention a lot of potential for shaving issues and discomfort. The good news is some of the irritation can be avoided with a few changes to the routine.

Revamping the Shaving Routine

Cleansing before shaving will clear away oil and debris, and softens the beard (mustache or patches of hair…we’re not judging) making for an easier shave. Use warm water to also help prep the skin and soften the hair.

Switch to a shave gel rather than soap or foam. A glycerin-based gel will keep the skin more hydrated and also allow the razor to glide more easily. It also reduces tugging of the hair, over shaving and drying.

Follow with a skin-building toner to help reduce razor burn, breakouts and ingrown hairs. Finally, don’t forget to put on some sun protection not only to moistureize the skin, but also to protect the new layers of skin that have just been exposed.

You may be thinking that the last thing you need is for someone to tell you how to shave, but hopefully you’ll find some of these tips valuable:

  • Shave regularly – longer hairs can be tougher and create more tugging.
  • Cleanse skin before to remove oil and debris.
  • Wet shave – use hot water from the shower or sink before shaving to soften skin and expand pores.
  • Use non-alcohol based shave gel and use badger hair brush to put it on the face.
  • Invest in a good reusable razor and never use dull razors.
  • Follow with a toner like ReZone to prevent irritations, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.

For more information, see the Blue Agave Wash, ReZone or EnviroProtect. Share your shaving