How to Get Clear Skin for Back-to-School

How to Get Clear Skin for Back-to-School

This post is dedicated to all of you guys in your teenage years getting ready to head back to high school or off to college. You might be thinking about that first day of classes – who you’ll meet, what kind of first impression you want to make, how you can look impossibly (but effortlessly) awesome. Ahhh to be young again…I digress.

The fact is we all want to leave a lasting first impression, in a good way, and one place to start is by putting your best face forward. How do you do this?

It’s a fairly straightforward method, but you will have to ditch the bar soap or shampoo you might be using as a facial cleanser and instead opt for one that is actually meant for your face. When looking for a cleanser, you want to find one that uses minerals, as they are the best natural exfoliating ingredients, providing a deep clean. I like the RA for Men's Zeo Cleanse because it uses zeolite, a natural mineral from volcanic ash, which actually traps and cleans up toxins, and boosts the skin’s immunity.

You’ll also want to do a quick clean up after workouts, gym class or practice with cleansing pads that contain salicylic acid. This ingredient will continue the exfoliation and cleansing process, take care of any excess oil and remove dirt from the skin.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, you need to protect your skin, particularly if you play outdoor sports. Sun exposure causes 90 percent of our skin’s aging, so unless you want to look like cured piece of leather, I strongly urge you implement this simple step. I use EnviroProtect because it also helps block other pollutants and toxins from damaging the skin. It uses zinc oxide and red algae extract for a natural blocker.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to take long – even five minutes each day should do the trick – but it will make a huge difference in the condition and health of your skin.

Check out the RA for Men's Teen System for each of these products.