How to Keep Your Cool with a Few Skin Care Tricks

How to Keep Your Cool with a Few Skin Care Tricks

Whenever the temperature rises we begin to search for creative ways to keep cool. If we’re lucky enough hopefully that means lounging in a cabana somewhere with a nice tropical breeze. Most of us are not that lucky though. So in lieu of the tropics there are a few cooling tricks you can integrate into your skincare routine.

Cooling ingredients

Believe it or not, there are some ingredients in skin care products that can actually help us cool down. What are these miracle worker ingredients?

  • Menthol – derived from mint or peppermint, this herb has a cooling, refreshing effect and bonus quality – it also fights bacteria.
  • Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil) – an essential oil that has a similar invigorating effect as menthol and is also a good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Aloe – we are likely all familiar with aloe. Somehow this gel always feels cooling when applied to the skin. We know it’s ideal for healing, but it also helps keep skin hydrated, strong and healthy.
  • Hematite extract – an iron-rich extract that has a stimulating and invigorating effect. It also helps restore and strengthen mature skin.
  • D2O (deuterium oxide) – this may not necessarily cool the skin, but it will definitely keep it hydrated. It’s commonly referred to as heavy water, taken from seawater, and is more resistant to evaporation so it stays in the skin longer.

While I don’t recommend applying any sort of hot peppers or spices to your face, when eaten they actually work to cool the body down too, which may seem counterintuitive. How does this happen? When we eat spicy foods it can cause us to sweat, which cools the body. Simple enough, right?

Chill out

Have you ever tried chilling your skin care products before putting them on? This works particularly well with masks, and most toners and serums. On a hot day, applying a chilled mask to your face feels nothing short of amazing.

Try chilling the Cacti Mud Mask, ReZone Toner or Complex VI Hydrating Serum in the refrigerator before putting it on. It will instantly cool down an overheated face and is extremely refreshing. If you are the type to use enzymes to exfoliate your skin, consider using a granular exfoliant during the hot months – they don’t produce as much heat on the skin as certain enzymes.

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