How to Simplify Skin Care and Get Better Skin: The Deal with Hydration

How to Simplify Skin Care and Get Better Skin: The Deal with Hydration

Face it, friends: some of us have skin so oily you could fuel a truck with it. And while excess oil can lead to acne or an overall greasy look made famous on the Jersey boardwalks, a little bit of hydration in the form of essential oils is actually necessary for the long-term health of your skin.

In this series on simplifying skin care to get better skin, we’ve covered diet adjustments you can make to help with maintaining youthful skin and prevent breakouts, and this one is all about hydration. When it comes to finding the right balance between hydration and excess oil production, food again plays a major factor.

It should come as no surprise that when talking about the health of your skin, you are what you eat. Unhealthy fats found in hydrogenated oils such as butter, fried food and most packaged snacks, can negatively impact the skin. Opt for healthy fats like olive oil, omega-3 fatty acids, coconut oil and foods like avocados, nuts and salmon.

On the other end of the spectrum, alcohol or caffeine in excess can seriously dehydrate your skin. Balance adult beverages with a glass of water. In fact, make that two.

When it comes to your skincare regimen, turn to products that contain essential oils, D2O (heavy water), and antioxidants. From cleansing to protecting, here are simple, go-to methods for keeping your mug happy and hydration:

Prep like a champ. Before you shave, be sure to start with a cleanse. Cleansing the skin may seem counterproductive when hydration is the end goal, but it actually opens pores, allowing hydrating and other nourishing ingredients in. During the shave, opt for an antioxidant-rich shave oil and aloe-based shave gel to keep skin hydrated.

Load up on antioxidants. Look for a non-greasy, antioxidant and hydrating serum with ingredients like D2O (heavy water), soybean protein, and superoxide dismutase (powerful antioxidants).

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself. Arm yourself against the moisture-zapping nature of the sun. Zinc does a body good in many ways. It’s a natural UV protector, delivers healing support from minerals, and purifies the skin to keep bacteria at bay.

As we approach the summer months, it’s important to take preventative action against the moisture-robbing effects of the sun. So take a look at your diet and lifestyle, and of course what you’re using on your skin.