Is Pepsi Good for Skin Health?

Is Pepsi Good for Skin Health?

Is Pepsi a good ingredient for healthy skin? Well no, but it does have an interesting link to one that is.

The ingredient I speak of is pepsin. It is a powerful, naturally occurring enzyme in the body that digests proteins like those found in meats, eggs, seeds, and dairy products. How could that possibly be a good skin care ingredient? Read on…

What is pepsin

Pepsin is created after pepsinogen (the precursor enzyme) is released into the stomach and is activated by hydrochloric acid (HCI), which all occurs once food is ingested. Pepsin then goes to work, breaking down any proteins in the food and preparing it for digestion. Miraculously it doesn’t digest the body’s own proteins in the stomach lining.

Another interesting fact, the name Pepsi (the drink) was derived from pepsin as it was one of the ingredients used in the recipe for a “fountain drink that was delicious and would aid in digestion and boost energy.”

Pepsin was discovered in 1836, and was actually one of the first protein enzymes to be discovered.

How pepsin is used in skincare

Ok, so how does this all translate to skincare? The protein derived enzyme works as a digestive to exfoliate skin – a much needed step for healthier, more youthful skin.

You will typically find pepsin in high-end skin exfoliation products. It essentially breaks down layers of dead skin cells and uncovers more youthful skin. It is extremely useful in fighting the aging process – reducing age spots and fine lines – as well as increasing the blood supply to skin cells, and toning and firming the skin.

We use it in our P2 Enzyme, which is part of our professional line. So you will have to go to the spa to experience it…life is rough!