Kick the Redness and Score the Game-Winning Goal for your Skin

Kick the Redness and Score the Game-Winning Goal for your Skin

While the entire world seemingly has their attention tuned in to the World Cup (#wc2014) I wanted to attempt to divert your attention to a slightly lesser known subject: rosacea.

Men’s skin and rosacea are two topics not often discussed in tandem, despite it being quite a pervasive issue. While the skin disorder typically affects more women than men, it can be more severe in men. Thus, catching it and treating it early on can help make it more manageable. What is rosacea and how can you kick the redness to score the game-winning goal for your skin? Read on…


Rosacea (pronounced roh-zey-shee-uh) is a chronic and progressive disorder that commonly appears as redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. While the cause is officially unknown, some research has attributed it to poor circulation, a sluggish lymphatic system, genetics, digestive disorders, and bacteria and mites attached to cells.

Rosacea is an internal (systemic) issue that is often linked to a deeper root issue. It impacts all skin types, though it is more commonly seen in fair skin. The number of rosacea incidences seems to be on the rise in recent years, and many attribute this to two primary factors: stress and inflammation. When the body is under constant stress, the immune system weakens and isn’t able to ward off attacks. Sleep, exercise, time to recharge, a healthy diet, and of course taking care of your skin, are all important to reducing rosacea related to stress and inflammation.


Just as the official cause is unknown, the cure also remains an unknown. Don’t lose hope though. There are several things you can do to keep rosacea at bay. There are also several things you will want to avoid.

As I mentioned, taking steps to reduce stress, get adequate sleep, exercising, and eating healthy foods, all help create a healthy environment, which will only improve the results of any skin care routine you implement.

What to introduce into your life:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • UV protection, daily
  • Make visits to your dermatologist or aesthetician a regular thing
  • A daily skin care regimen

What to avoid:

  • Skin care products with dyes, botanicals, fragrances and certain preservatives
  • Scrubbing (with granular exfoliation formulas) or brushing
  • Excessive heat or steam, and extreme cold

For your daily skin care routine, antioxidants and protection are the name of the game. Use a gentle cleanser with mineral and shea butter base (you might mix it with a milk-based cleanser), a skin-strengthening toner, epidermal growth factor, and finally some good skin protection.

We men also have to use caution when shaving. Luckily rosacea is typically confined to the cheeks, nose and above, but you’ll want to avoid aggravating the skin as much as possible. You can do this by first softening the beard hair (a warm shower will usually do the trick), then apply an aloe and glycerin-based shave gel to help the razor easily glide across the skin and prevent tugging. Lastly, use an antioxidant-rich oil to hydrate and nourish the skin.

If you are concerned you may have rosacea, seek out a professional for their opinion. They will be able to properly diagnose and outline a plan to kick the rosacea, or at least get it under control so you can put your best game face on.

Now you may return to the World Cup.