Minerals That Work Magic on the Skin

Minerals That Work Magic on the Skin

We live in a toxic world. Whether it’s city smog, secondhand smoke, the occasional visit to the fast-food drive through, or simply not getting enough sleep – toxins make their way into our systems despite our best efforts to stay healthy. And those invisible demons, when not tamed, can wreak havoc on our skin.

If you’re dealing with acne, dryness, discolorations, or other skin issues, it could be a sign a detox is in order. Of course diet will play a big role detoxifying your body from the inside – think cleansing ingredients like ginger, lemon, turmeric, and antioxidants – but minerals can also play the all-important support role in ridding the skin of toxins.

What are these magical minerals that pull a Houdini on the toxins that plague our skin? Read on…

  1. Sodium chloride – this concentrated mineral sea salt is like a natural cleanser and toner that helps remove impurities without stripping away all the beneficial natural oils your skin needs. Look for sodium chloride in a purifying mineral cleanser.
  2. Bentonite clay – this mineral-rich clay is derived from volcanic ash deposits in marine environments, it has a unique ability to bind and draw heavy metals and other toxins from the body. It also helps absorb excess oil – a necessity this time of year when the temperature and humidity barometers hit new highs. Bentonite clay is often found in purifying mud masks.
  3. Rhodochrosite (pictured above) – a manganese carbonate mineral, it is an essential component in the detoxification of free radicals (the culprits behind DNA damage). It’s also a necessary trace mineral for all known living organisms. It protects against UVA (sun) damage, which helps fight the signs of aging from occurring. This all-star mineral produces a host of other benefits to the skin – it’s one to have in the arsenal for sure. Look for it in skin-strengthening toners and use it daily.
  4. Malachite – a promoter of the skin’s natural defenses against environmental elements, this mineral has strong antioxidant and detoxifying effects. And since one of its most prevalent elements is copper, it aids with collagen and elastin production. That’s a brainy way of saying it’ll help you look younger. Always a bonus. Look for malachite in a retinol-based skin corrective.
  5. 5. Zinc – a conversation about minerals wouldn’t be complete without mention of zinc. It is a natural mineral from the Earth’s crust that pulls double duty. It detoxifies while also acting as protective physical barrier to block UV rays from the skin. Look for zinc in a mineral-based sun protection formula.

So there you go, a detox plan for your skin. I’ll leave the diet portion to you, but remember it all plays together.