REDMethod Supports Men Making a Difference at One Man Dallas

REDMethod Supports Men Making a Difference at One Man Dallas

Did you know women currently volunteer at a rate of five times that of men, and make up a majority of the staff of our nation’s nonprofit organizations? Not to be discouraged, there are plenty of men out there working to make a difference.

The One Man Project was established in 2009 in Minneapolis to recognize these men and also encourage more to get engaged in their communities. The Project has since spread to Chicago and Dallas, highlighting the men doing good in their respective communities.

When One Man came to Dallas, RA for Men was quick to throw its support behind the project, providing sponsorship dollars, skin care products for the men participating, and a series of mini treatments.

The Project begins with a call for nominations – each man must have a nonprofit group they represent – this group is taken through a series of qualifying rounds and eventually a group of finalists are named. The finalists are treated to a day of pampering, which included REDMethod skin treatments, as a thank you for their hard work.

Based on their overall community involvement, personality, intelligence and fitness – essentially a well-rounded individual – a winner is selected from a panel of judges. The winner receives $5,000 to split with his charity, among other rewards. The nonprofit also receives a portion of the funds raised from the One Man Project.

REDMethod was proud to be a part of a project that recognizes the men and nonprofits making a difference in their communities. Let’s all work together to keep up the good work!