Skin Care Tips for the Well-Traveled Man

Skin Care Tips for the Well-Traveled Man

Whether the new year has you resolving to travel more or your job has you in flight more often than at the office, living a jet-set lifestyle has its allure, but chances are your skin suffers a little. Exposure to varying climates, the dry, stale air of the plane cabin, erratic sleep schedules, and the need to keep liquids to a minimum, all contribute to skin maladies.

So while you’re zipping around the world for your great adventures, how can you ensure your face won’t start to look like a topographic map of the Rockies?


Step one in the quest for great skin no matter where your wanderlust takes you is to have a solid travel kit. At a bare minimum, you’ll want a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer that contains UV protection. The laws of skin care 101 still apply - even if you’re 3,000 miles away from your personal medicine cabinet. Perhaps even more so. Oil, dead skin, and debris from outside elements build up and must be removed so your skin can breathe and other products can do their job effectively.

It’s also a good idea to keep cleansing pads and a mineral-rich toner handy in your carry-on while you’re traveling. Both can be used for a quick clean up on layovers to refresh the skin and help prevent blemishes.


Travel is exciting, but it can often mean increased stress levels and fewer hours of rest. Take measures to be mindful about stress and getting enough sleep. Sometimes a five-minute breather to slow the breath makes a world of difference.

Remember your healthy habits even when you’re away from home. Drink plenty of water while you’re en route to your destinations to prevent dehydration and help flush toxins. Air travel tends to zap the body of hydration, so consider ramping up your water intake before, during and after the flight. If you’re imbibing on an in-flight cocktail, follow it with a glass of water.


Exfoliation helps get rid of excess dead skin and provide a deeper cleanse. It should be done a couple of times each week, so toss a good scrub in your bag. This sloughs away dull skin to reveal a buffed, refined complexion. Follow with a non-greasy hydrating serum to quench the skin and always, always use a daytime cream with physical, mineral blocker like zinc.

Whether for work or pleasure, visiting new places shouldn’t mean your skin care routine has to suffer. You can still travel light without compromising your skin.