The Forgotten Super Hero of the Avengers

The Forgotten Super Hero of the Avengers

Believe it or not there is one other member of the Avengers team that is never mentioned. This super hero goes by the name Superoxide Dismutase and its core strength is in fighting the mutation of oxygen.

Ok, it may not really be a member of the Avengers, but this powerful antioxidant enzyme has near super-hero abilities when it comes to fighting free radicals, which have been linked to aging, inflammation and diseases such as cancer. So what exactly is Superoxide Dismutase and how does it work?

What It Is

As I mentioned Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that suppresses the mutation of oxygen into oxygen free radicals. This ability makes it an important antioxidant defense in nearly every cell that is exposed to oxygen.

When oxygen free radicals (aka superoxide radicals) form it starts a chain reaction catalyzing the formation of more and more free radicals, wreaking havoc on our cells. SOD works to break this chain reaction.

SOD occurs naturally in the body and plants. Our cells generate it to fight reactive oxygen species (ROS) and bacteria. It’s sort of a natural defender of our cellular makeup, however while we do produce our own, applying it directly to the skin boosts the protection.

How It Works

SOD – commonly seen in products as L- Superoxide Dismutase – helps eliminate oxygen free radicals caused by UV rays and damaging environmental elements, which we are constantly subject to. In essence it converts the destructive superoxide radical into a less dangerous form.

By eliminating the dangerous free radicals and preventing the chain reaction from occurring, we are better able to better protect the skin from aging and in some cases correct some of the damage that has already be done. So be on the lookout for this super hero skin care ingredient.

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