The Man’s Guide to Summer Skin Care

The Man’s Guide to Summer Skin Care

If you haven’t already adjusted your skin care routine for summer, it’s a good time to make the slight tweaks necessary to care for your skin during the hot season. If you’re asking, yes, we do need to change it up some to combat breakouts, sunburn and dry, itchy skin.

The Summerized Routine
Don’t worry, the changes aren’t too major, but the ever-so-slight adjustments will make a big difference in your skin during those sweat-inducing days.

  • Protect the head– many of us opt to sport the buzz cut when temps approach the triple digits, which is great for cooling off, but it also exposes our scalp (previously protected by our hair) to the rays of death (UV rays). Quick fix: apply sunscreen daily! A mineral blocker with an SPF is essential.
  • Scrub up – in dry conditions more dead skin may accumulate, making us look scaly and dull. Quick fix: Scrub it off with a granular exfoliator a few times a week.
  • Dirty skin? Clean it up – when we’re hot we sweat more. Simple enough. But when we sweat oils, toxins, and bacteria, dead skin from our pores accumulate on the surface of our skin. Quick fix: cleanse at least once per day with a salicylic and/or lactic formula.
  • Conquer the scales– hydration is essential for bodies during summer months just as much as it is for our skin, otherwise we risk looking scaly or flaky. Quick fix: splash skin with cooling mists of peptides and fresheners and use a moisturizer or hydrating serum daily that contains antioxidants, D2O and nutrients.
  • Fight damage– fun in the sun is a favorite pastime during this season. Keep in mind however that the sun is responsible for 90 percent of skin aging (not to mention skin cancer). Quick fix: apply a topical retinoid at night and follow with a mineral blocker daily.

Fairly straightforward right? The most important thing is to protect the skin. You may also want to forgo the heavy moisturizing creams and instead opt for hydrating serums (as noted above) – sweat and heavy creams don’t mix well. Consider treating yourself to a man facial, too. That can get you started on the right foot and it’s just plain relaxing.

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