The Secret Summer Skin Smoother You’ve Probably Never Considered

The Secret Summer Skin Smoother You’ve Probably Never Considered

The dog days of summer are here. Heat? Check. Humidity? Yes. Sweat? Don’t remind me.

Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with an extremely arid climate or 95 percent humidity ––neither pleasant. And depending on the conditions, it might be shaping your skincare routine. When we’re surrounded by dry air, we tend to load up (and in some cases overload) on the moisturizer, and we do the inverse when there’s an excess of moisture in the air. But is this the best move?


Life is all about finding balance, and our skin is no different. While you most certainly do have to adjust your skincare routine to your climate, you’ll want to be careful not to take to either extreme. For instance, when it’s dry and hot, the skin tends to feel completely zapped of moisture. The natural inclination is to go easy on the cleansing and ramp up the moisturizer, but this can actually dry out the skin more.

On the other end of the spectrum, when conditions are humid, we tend to perspire more, which naturally makes us want to cleanse more frequently. In doing so, however, we run the risk of stripping away too many of our skin’s natural oils and creating overly dry conditions.

So where’s the happy medium?


No matter what kind of climate you find yourself in this summer, don’t skimp on the cleansing. Maintain a regimen of daily cleansing, and for you gym goers a quick cleanse with cleansing pads following a sweat-inducing workout. Find a cleanser that works with the pH of men’s skin as this will further prevent over drying and obliterating all of the good oils in our skin.

From there, a toner will help strengthen your skin and rebalance it after cleansing and shaving. Toner is often overlooked, but really works wonders in reducing excess oils, eliminating cell build-up, and providing the right amount of hydration.

Now on to the moisturizing step. Certain lotions and creams are simply too heavy for this time of year and can leave the skin feeling greasy. In some cases, these will also trap perspiration and debris in the skin, which often results in breakouts. But we know hydration is still necessary. So what’s the solution?

Hydrating serums and oils can prove to be the perfect remedy for maintain the right balance in the skin during the summer months. I know…the thought of oils again seems counter intuitive, but stick with me. It’s a common misconception that oils are heavy, clog pores, and should be avoided at all costs when it’s hot out. But in reality, serum oils are an excellent choice. They absorb quickly into the skin, eliminating the slick appearance and heavy feel thicker creams leave behind. And they’re even ideal for more oily skin types. Who would’ve thought?!

Oils provide a variety of highly beneficial nutrients, including omega EFAs, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory support, and vitamins while delivering a dose of hydration to protect the skin and prevent dehydration.

A pre-shave application of an oil can help replenish hydration while prepping the skin to prevent nicks and razor burn. Serum oils may be applied to clean, dry skin in the morning underneath an SPF or in combination with a good protective daytime cream. You can even use massage oils on the body in place of lotion or combine them for added moisture with a lighter feel.

The bottom line is this: even if you feel like you’re in a steam room, don’t skip moisturizer. Just rethink how you hydrate the skin. Ditch your fear of oils and give them a try – they may just become your new favorite skin hydration ritual.