What Do Soybeans Have to do with Healthy Skin?

What Do Soybeans Have to do with Healthy Skin?

Who would have thought a tiny bean could hold so much nutrition? We’ve all heard of soybeans as an ideal source of protein, among other health benefits, but it’s also an incredibly powerful skin care ingredient.

Soybean (aka glycine soja) protein is commonly used in skin care for its protection and prevention abilities, and highly moisturizing properties. Since it is a protein, it also assists in the fight against aging.

We’re not suggesting you take up eating tofu on a daily basis…there are alternatives.

What It Is

The soybean is a species of legume native to eastern Asia, but today the beans are a global crop. Since they are considered a complete protein – and for many years during tough times were used as a primary source of protein – soybeans are now cultivated in many countries around the world.

In skin care purposes glycine soja protein is derived from soybean amino acids. It’s rife with proteins, minerals and vitamins, which nourish and fortify skin tissues, and it is commonly used to re-condition, strengthen and smooth the skin, and prevent over drying (dry, chapped skin is no fun).

How It Works

Since glycine soja protein is an antioxidant and MMPI (Matrix Metallpoprotease Inhibitor), and helps defend against skin aging by inhibiting skin matrix breakdown. Too scientific? In other words soybean protein helps prevent cell structures (and collagen) from breaking down, which ultimately leads to the appearance of aged skin.

Soybean protein is an extremely effective source of hydration, which protects from excessive dryness. And as I mentioned before, it is a notable ingredient in fighting the signs of aging. What more could you ask for?

Since the skin easily absorbs glycine soja protein, the ingredient also assists in the absorption of other vital nutrients.

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