What is a Renaissance Man of Skin Care?

What is a Renaissance Man of Skin Care?

A recent Huffington Post article about the surge in the male skin care market suggested men who care about their skin should no longer be called “metrosexuals,” but “Renaissance men.” After looking at the definition of a Renaissance man – a universal person who develops skills in all areas of knowledge, physical development, social accomplishments and the arts – it seemed a fitting designation.

Men who care about their skin tend to seek knowledge about their skin and the products they are putting on it. And rightly so…since there is so much information widely available today about which ingredients and product formulations work best with men’s skin.

Gone are the days of borrowing mom’s face cream from time-to-time and calling that your skin care regimen. We now know our skin tends to be thicker, more sensitive and produce more sebum (oil). And, thanks to shaving we also have to combat ingrown hairs, dryness and razor burn.

Our testosterone also has an impact. It stimulates the production of sebum and toughens hair in the follicle, which means for any ingredients or products to be effective, it is important they address the sebum, hair and sensitivity factors, as well as our thicker skin and lower pH level.

Many studies also show us men have a higher incidence of skin cancer. That’s not because we are more susceptible to it, but we simply aren’t using sun protection. To boot, not all sun protection formulas are created equal. In fact, some of the chemical-based formulas can actually be quite hazardous to the skin. Natural blockers like zinc are generally better for our skin.

For these reasons alone it’s important for us to be Renaissance men of skin care. Not only so we can stave off the aging effect for as long as possible, but also so we know what exactly we are putting on our skin. For all of you Renaissance men of skin care out there…keep it up!

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