What We Can Learn from Fashion Week

What We Can Learn from Fashion Week

To pay homage to Fashion Week, we figured we’d talk about some of the current trends and styles coming down the pike.

It appears black socks with shorts, mixing and matching, print on print, double-breasted jackets, and bright shoes, are just some of the styles for men in the year to come.

Ok, so maybe not all of these styles are for you, but perhaps one of the most important takeaways from Fashion Week is attention to detail. Men’s styles are trending more towards methodical, style with purpose, rather than throwing on whatever appears to be clean in that pile of clothes on the floor.

A little effort goes a long way and it also says a lot about who you are. Aside from just a form of self-expression, appearance can relay to a potential employer that you are a serious candidate, or to a client that you are successful at what you do, and to a potential mate that you take care of yourself.

The same is true with grooming. Caring for your skin need not be a difficult, time-consuming task. When your skin is healthy skin, you feel better about yourself and exude confidence. You put your best face forward. So you ask, what are some easy steps I can take to extend my fresh look from my clothes to my skin?

  • Cleanse – this is the number one thing you can do. Look for an active cleanser that uses salicylic and/or lactic acid. If you’re running short on time, opt for quick cleansing pads like CTRL.HALT.DEL.
  • Exfoliate – remove dead skin cells and build-up to unmask the fresh skin underneath.
  • Tone – this will knock out redness and firm up skin. It also feels great after a morning shave.
  • Restore and build – tighten up skin and help create a more smooth texture. This step will also strengthen skin and delay the signs of aging.
  • Protect – don’t forget to protect your skin. Most of us fall short in this area, but it’s extremely important. A good defense formula will guard your skin from the sun, toxins and pollutants, and most importantly, will help stave off the signs of aging.

Long gone are the days when it was cool for men to gloat about never washing their faces or taking two minutes to get ready. Now the trend is attention to detail. Even rapper Mos Def (now known as Yassin Bey) is making it cool to keep your style fresh.

Recently on “The GQ Eye” blog he said his best advice on how to dress is to “keep your clothes clean.” I would like to add to also keep your face clean. Besides, while the Geezer Style may work for your attire, none of us wants a face to match.

For more details on keeping the skin looking fresh check out our REDMethod page