Why Proper Digestion Leads to Healthy Skin

Why Proper Digestion Leads to Healthy Skin

We all know the importance of digestion for a properly functioning body, but does it play a role in the health of our skin? It most certainly does! In fact, our skin is, and should be, continually digesting. This is what helps prevent skin from looking aged.

But as we get older the digestion process slows. Enter peptides. There are many strands of peptides, each classified by the number of amino acids it has within its sequence. Each also performs a different function. In a nutshell, peptides have the ability to reduce and freeze wrinkles, help regenerate and strengthen the skin, and prevent damage.

What They Are

The word peptide originates from the Greek term “peptos”- literally “to digest.” Peptides are made of individual amino acids linked together like a chain. They have the same chemical structure as proteins, but are shorter in length. Peptides come in various sizes and are named based on the number of amino acids in their respective chain. For example, ogliopeptides have 2-10 amino acids, polypeptides have 10-100 amino acids, and so on. Have I bored you yet?

While there are many different peptides, a few notables to look for include:

  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide– a small peptide that mimics the human body’s ability to produce collagen. It actually stimulates collagen synthesis, actively removes wrinkles, and has skin-firming and moisturizing properties. This peptide has also been considered an effective alternative to collagen injections – in case any of you out there are thinking of Botox.
  • Dipeptide– a small peptide that mimics the polypeptide found in the venom of the Templer Viper. It works to reduce wrinkles from forming by inhibiting muscle contractions. This amazing peptide is in the RA for Men's Mineral Freeze.
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide– a tripeptide that enhances the production of natural skin molecules like collagen and glycosaminoglycans. It thickens and restores flexibility in the skin.

So be on the lookout for peptides…they could help turn back the hands of time.

For specific ingredients with peptides see the RA for Men's Mineral Freeze, Stone Power, and Eye Firm.