Workout Or Gym Sweat Causing Breakouts?

Workout Or Gym Sweat Causing Breakouts?

I have been there, sitting in front of the mirror looking at my skin wondering "am I back in junior high?" A simple breakout can really take you back to those days of wondering what was going to happen next to the body. Really? Do we need to go back there? I say no. I have spent all my life active. The minute organized school sports ended I joined a gym and have never looked back. From basketball to Ultramarthons Ive done more than my fair share of sweating. Probably more than most ever will. Through my experiences, trials and error I have had to deal with skin issues that are caused from workouts. I would like to share one simple step that goes a LONG way to fight breakouts.

First, let me explain very briefly what causes acne. It is an infection of the hair follicle caused by bacteria in the skin that gets stuck because of a blocked pores. The blockage is from dirt, dead skin cells and oil that get trapped in the pore. You can read more information about acne here.

I've discovered the key is to start out with clean skin. Before beginning your sweat session, use a good deep-pore cleanser like REDMethod Men's Blue Agave Wash. Lather up and remove all that dirt debris, dead skin and oil from the skin. With cleansed skin, you will be free to sweat at a normal rate without the pores getting clogged up. But remember, when we sweat our pores are wide open - allowing dirt, oil, and other debris to enter the pores. That is why we clean before and after the workout, removing any chances of anything getting in there that may cause infection. Do NOT touch your face during your workout! Especially at the gym. The equipment is covered in germs and bacteria - and you definitely have it on your hands.

So cleanse before you workout to keep from being reminded about those junior high days! Follow-up with REDMethod's Stone Power or ReZone toner for a refreshing sensation to calm irritated skin and keep the skin hydrated and strengthened for the rest of the day.

What are your tips for keeping it clean while getting dirty?