The New Bachelor Party Trend Will Surprise You

Move over Las Vegas, there’s a new way bachelor’s are ushering into wedded bliss and it involves self care. That’s right, to celebrate their last days of bachelorhood, men from coast to coast are starting to opt out of the wild parties and hangovers for a rejuvenating spa day with their buddies.

Perhaps our bachelorette counterparts had it right all along. Is it time we take a page out of their book? According to the International Spa Association, a number of men already are. In fact, nearly half of all spa-goers today are men. Men are coming to realize that self care ––massage, facials, and maybe the occasional pedicure –– are important components to maintaining overall wellbeing. 

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to embark on one of life’s biggest journeys feeling and looking your best rather than what an all-nighter promises to deliver? With that in mind, here are few trendsetting treatments you and your wedding party can partake in together and create a new set of memories (one treatment still involves sake).

  • The Sake Peel –– lest you think we’re suggesting you abandon all the vices, we’ll split the difference with a Sake Peel. The treatment kicks off with a energizing cleanser blended with tequila and yucca root extract. The skin regenerating acids found in sake help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and revive photo-aged skin. This is one you may want to schedule approximately ahead of the big event to reveal a noticeably improved complexion in less than a week.
  • The Gentleman’s Facial –– if a peel sounds a little intimidating, the Gentleman’s Facial is an ideal option. This soothing, yet corrective, treatment helps detoxify the skin with cacti extracts and clay that balance and tone. Heating and cooling massages with specially-blended, nutrient-enriched essential oils reduce inflammation and plump skin tissue for a smooth, hydrated, youthful look.
  • The Express –– if you plan to pack more into the day than just the spa, treat the pals to a refreshing, quick pick-me-up with an express facial. Clear out pores, polish the complexion and get a fast dose of lasting hydration. (This is also a good post-event treatment if you still choose to go the traditional bachelor party route.)

 Ready to get your best buds on board the spa-day train? Click here to find a salon or spa location near you.