Why Skin Prep is the Key to the Best Shave of Your Life

Daily shaving is often viewed as one of those necessary evils for most men. And let’s be honest –– we’ve all had bad experiences with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, nicks, and general irritation at one time or another. If this has been your fate, and the daily or weekly shave feels like a bit of gamble –– in which the odds are either refreshed skin or red, irritated skin ––it might be time to rethink how you’re prepping your skin. Yes, believe it or not, razor bumps and irritation don’t have to be the outcome. It just takes the proper pre-shave habits: 

Pre-shave step #1: The key to a great shave is to properly cleanse the skin. A clean slate will ensure oil and debris have been cleared away to prevent clogged pores and reduce irritation if you do accidentally nick yourself. Elevate the experience by selecting a formula that refreshes the senses with orange and grapefruit essences. Just be sure to work in the cleanser with your fingertips for a couple of minutes before rinsing to give it time to work. This seemingly simple step is often the most overlooked and improperly executed. The cleanser needs to be worked into the skin for several minutes in order for this step to be effective.

Pre-shave step #2: The next, often skipped, step is exfoliating. Taking a few moments every few days to exfoliate will help slough away dead skin cells and help provide a smooth surface to allow the razor to glide over the curves of your face with ease. A scrub made with bamboo and jojoba helps refine and resurface the skin, and create a clear foundation for your shave. Just be mindful of the pressure you use and beware not to over scrub, which would cause damage to the skin. Having a regular habit of cleansing and exfoliating  will soften the hair and stubble making it easier to remove.

Pre-shave step #3: After cleansing, apply a shave oil to help further soften hair, and protect and nourish the skin. The serum works as a triple threat, restoring the moisture barrier and preventing nicks and razor burn while protecting against irritation and inflammation after the shave.

Pre-shave step #4: Lastly, apply a shave gel to damp skin when you’re ready put the razor to your stubble.  The gel will work to give you a smooth, close finish and further provide nourishment and protection. Always use a new blade and wrap your shave up with a toner to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps, and reduce excess oil and skin cell build-up.

Remember: just because you’ve had a rough go of it before doesn’t mean your shaving experience can’t be smooth sailing in the future. The secret is in the ritual. Don’t cut corners thinking each of these steps aren’t equally important. If it seems like a lot of steps at first, each goes fast. The entire prep process will take under five minutes, and could save you valuable time trying to cover up nicks and soothe irritated skin. You might even come to like the new ritual, not to mention the smooth results.

Here’s to your next perfect shave!